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Derek Deane: the Simon Cowell of ballet

Here's a fun (if scary) little compilation of clips from last year's multipart documentary about English National Ballet called Agony & Ecstasy. Further to our previous post showing the ferocious choreographer Derek Deane in action, here is some more footage - easy to see how he has earnt a reputation as the Simon Cowell of ballet...

(The ballet is Swan Lake and the male dancer is Vadim Muntagirov. You can read an article about him here.)


  1. I remember hearing about him in Gelsey Kirkland's second autobiography "The Shape of Love." He was a soloist in her performance of "Sleeping Beauty" when she was dancing with the Royal Ballet of London.

    The book didn't scratch much of him as he wasn't one of her partners--or someone she was really involved with. I did kind of wonder what the Hell his story was. He apparently got the O.B.E. for his services to ballet.

    Merci for this. I did want to know something about this guy. Really know...

    --Nice To Meet Derek, Dane Youssef

  2. What an unlikeable guy. If I werde a dancer, I wouldn't let me treat like that!