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Raising money for Japan

We have been generously supported by the Japanese ballet clothing company, Chacott who kindly arranged our interview with Angel Corella. The company recently auctioned off a large number of T-shirts signed by members of American Ballet Theatre to raise money for the earthquake relief efforts in northern Japan.

José Carreño, Angel Corella and Marcelo Gomes with the T-shirts
auctioned for earthquake relief in northern Japan

A number of my own friends have visited the affected area to help with the enormous clean-up operation. Although the destruction is rarely in the news now in the West, the situation is still very bad indeed. A huge amount of debris is still to be cleared and hundreds of thousands of people are without homes. Reconstruction will take many years.

Chacott are continuing to raise money to help the region. If you would like to make a donation, however small, please visit their JustGiving page: http://justgiving.jp/c/5214

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