We set up this site to support and encourage young men who do ballet
and demystify the world of ballet for those who don't.

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Quick update

Sorry to all of those who keep popping back for updates only to find none for the last 6 weeks

Unfortunately I have considerably less time now to dedicate to BDB than back when I first had the idea. Back then I had just finished uni and had lots of spare time - but now I'm  a student again and can't justify the time it takes to hunt around for novel things to post! Now I know why no one else had set up a site like this before...

It's not the end of the road though. I have some really interesting interviews which I need to write up when I get a chance - and I hope to carry on adding the odd one every now and again in the future. And the site will certainly stay put. Our visitors are steadily growing and we've had some lovely feedback which shows it has all been worthwhile. Please keep it coming as it is very encouraging!

Anyone interested in contributing bits here and there, please do get in touch.

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