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Teased for wearing tights?

We're currently putting the finishing touches to a couple of interesting interviews which should be posted shortly - one with the brilliant dancer Rasta Thomas, another with a ballet master from the Bolshoi Academy.

This is a quick post for anyone who's been teased for wearing tights (= probably any bloke who has ever done ballet). You might be amused to find out that the current popular fashion for men in Japan is to wear tights and leggings underneath shorts. Most Japanese men wear tights under trousers when it's cold - but younger guys have started wearing them where you can see them. You spot it everywhere - this isn't a cult trend (like goths and emos) - it's just what the cool guys do (even the staff in the Adidas shop!)

I went out and grabbed some hasty snaps as proof:

Tights for going to school (this is my language school in Tokyo)...

...for strolling...

...for shopping...

...for browsing the car boot sale...

...for going to a gig...

...for going out on Saturday night.

(Completely different but worth posting.)

An advert for 'Happy Leggings' in a shop featuring five men but only one woman.

You see a huge variety of styles and patterns.
Which all goes to reinforce the old saying that real men wear tights.

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  1. Some time ago I was reading an article (in print, which I didn't keep, sorry) about the slow acceptance of mainstream fashion changes in western society. Where 30 years ago a male of any age would have been seriously assaulted for wearing tights as casual attire (little kids could get away with school concert costumes but that was about it), the appearance of sporting heroes wearing streamlined skin suits, swimmers in their long-leg suits, acrobats and to a lesser extent dancers has made the wearing of tights and leggings less exotic and therefore more acceptable.

    With the gradual decline of African-American gang culture influencing cultural values including fashion, there has been a slow vanishing of jeans-around-the-lower-buttocks underwear flashing and oversized apparel as the norm, slim lines and fitness becoming increasingly popular.

    Recently "meggings" have found themselves enduring in the field for longer than a single season, and I myself have even spotted the odd male youngster sporting leggings at shopping centres and the like. With sport stars seen training in tights with no discernible questioning of their masculinity by mainstream commentators, it really is just a matter of time before skinny jeans give way to meggings and so forth. The upshot of all this is one less arrow to the quiver of bullies who feel compelled to vilify dancers.