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3 ballet DVDs for teachers of boys

One of the reasons we started BDB is to overcome the lack of resources for boys who do ballet - not only for the dancers themselves but also for their teachers/parents.

There are, however, a few bits and bobs already out there and with the release of a new DVD over the summer there are now 3 ballet teaching DVDs which focus specifically on boys:

Ballet for Boys

Richard Glasstone is a very renowned ballet teacher who taught at the Royal Ballet School for 17 years (where he was head of choreographic studies). While at the RBS he taught many boys who would go on to be leading British dancers. He was also the founding director of the Cechetti Centre.

This film explores different ideas for teaching young male dancers and features young beginners, a late starter and a professional dancer. The beginners are taught the basic movements of stretching and jumping through a story sequence while the older dancers work more conventionally at the barre.

When I was little I did find this video rather dry and it seems quite dated now, but it is available very cheaply (especially if you get a VHS copy) and might be of greater interest to teachers, anyway.

Available from Amazon.co.uk here (but NB this is a US region DVD).

The Art of Teaching Boys and Pas de Deux

Tanya Pearson has run a successful dance studio in Sydney, Australia for many years and founded the Sydney Youth Ballet. She has overseen the production of this video which features teachers Mark Riley (also from Australia) and Oliver Matz, Director of the Tanz Akademie, Zurich.

In the first half two different levels of boys class are shown and various aspects of male technique are covered. In the second half, basic pas de deux technique is introduced and the DVD finishes with a demonstration pas de deux by Oliver Matz himself and Steffi Scherzer (former principal dancers of the Berlin State Ballet company).

This film has a much fresher style than Ballet for Boys but as with any DVD of this nature it does have quite a limited scope - if any teachers reading would like to add their thoughts we will include them! It may also be of interest to boys themselves - especially if they don't have a dedicated boys' class.

The DVD is listed here, direct from the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy (you will need to email for an order form).

The Boy Ballet Dancer

Finis Jhung is very well known as one of the finest ballet pedagogues in America today. He is frequently featured in ballet magazines worldwide, has taught dancers from American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet (among many others) and there is a large catalogue of books, articles and ballet teaching films he has produced. Jhung was selected to coach the boys selected for Billy Elliot on Broadway; this film was produced based on the teaching ideas he found useful.

This DVD has only just been produced and I haven't seen it but Jhung is highly regarded. You can see a demo clip via the link below. If any of our readers would like to contribute their thoughts on this DVD, please drop us a line.

The DVD is available here, direct from Finis Jhung.

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