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and demystify the world of ballet for those who don't.

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Ballet on TV


Episode 4 is now available here.

This is the final episode in the series. More ups and downs with a vaguely happy ending. Don't choose ballet for an easy ride.

Episode 3 is now available here.

A rather more joyous episode begins with a fun look at beginning pas de deux and follows the Elmhurst choreographic competition. A sad ending though so keep away if of gentle disposition.

Episode 2 is now available here.

This episode focuses on one boy whose family are unable to pay the huge vocational school fees. The only option they have is to find a different school able to offer their son a scholarship place. (If that's not enough pressure, the poor chap has to wear number 13 for one of the auditions...)

Quick quote: "Normally boys and girls are not taught together because they train their muscles in different ways to reflect their roles in ballet."

Good news for British readers:

A new series has just begun on Welsh TV following 5 young Welsh dancers at Elmhurst School for Dance. Elmhurst is a large vocational ballet school in the middle of England, associated with Birmingham Royal Ballet. The series is broadcast on Welsh TV and also viewable on iPlayer.

The first episode is now online and can be viewed here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00tl038/Ballet_School_Episode_1/

If you are from overseas this link probably will not work. To watch the programme you'll have to be very clever and re-route your ISP through an English server. Goodness only knows how to do that...


  1. this was a really interesting episode, but the question we kept asking was' where's the enjoyment?'

    maybe the producers want to get across the hard work and dedicaiton that these students have, but I am sure there is some fun as well.

  2. It must be hard trying to squash a year of five lives into four short episodes but they certainly did focus on the tougher side of life.

    The Nutcracker and Royal performance must have been highlights for those involved - maybe we'll see more fun before the series is out?

  3. there's an interview with Adam - the 15 year old - on South Wales radio as well.