We set up this site to support and encourage young men who do ballet
and demystify the world of ballet for those who don't.

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Welcome to BoysDoBallet.com. No idea what a male ballet dancer does? Start by clicking here to see a video. Another stunner (the same dance - new version) here. Then click here to find out which celebrities were once ballet dancers.

On this site you will find:
FAQs for boys interested in ballet
FAQs before your first ballet lesson
Essential ballet clips
- Celebrities who did ballet
Profiles and interviews with male dancers (e.g. Angel Corella, Ilya Kuznetsov)
- Various pieces of relevant news and lots of fun/interesting miscellaneous posts.

Also no-nonsense guides to...
Choosing ballet schools for boys
Auditioning for vocational school
- What makes good feet (part 2)
Ballet shoes (part 2)
Dance Belts

New posts are added below. See the very bottom to navigate all categories.

NB Some posts will be in foreign languages! Scroll past to return to English...


  1. What a great site! I'm so glad I found it. I am going to link to it in a few places...

  2. Thanks, Always Learning. Please feel free to link to us wherever you like and otherwise spread the word. I hope as the number and variety of posts slowly grows we will end up with a really useful resource.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful site which I am pleased to have found. I spend hours with my son searching youtube for male ballet dancers to appease him when his friends tell him ballet is for girls. Luckily, even at the age of seven he doesn't take any notice and takes pride in being different and special. He will enjoy the wonderful pictures and suggestions here. keep up the awesome work

  4. As the mother of a budding ballet boy I am delighted to have stumbled across this wonderful site. My son has to put up with so much stick at school, so anything that can encourage and inform young male dancers has to be a good thing! Thankyou!

  5. I'm really happy i found this cuz i'm 14 and i've wanted to do this for a little while now but i just cant find the courage to do it. I'm looking forward to it and hoping my parents wont be such idiots bout it like for my big brother

  6. Budding talent in ballet is best picked early. Your blog is thus a considerable encouragement.

  7. I am 14 and just started ballet 6 months ago. I was found by the director Emitus of the Minnesota Ballet and have been studying with him. Ballet is fun and very difficult, but more fun than difficult. If your a boy who wants to do ballet, just take the plunge and go for it! If your worried about the tights then think about it. Swimmers, wrestlers, divers, and football players wear tights. Hell the girls like looking at you in tights too! And anyone who says its gay, weak or for girls are obviously insecure with themselves. One of my friends who does ballet is the Quater Back on his highschool football team. My other hobby is competition shooting. Go and try ballet....you get to dance with girls, which might just be the best part. Wether your White or Black, Gay or Straight, Male or Female, Ballet is fun!

  8. Ballet is actually a really great way to increase your strength and endurance. I'm actually looking to take ballet classes in Naperville when I move there.

  9. I've been trying to find a place that teaches boys dance. My nephew really wants to get into it, but I have no idea what to look for in a dance studio. Although this is ballet, this gave me some insights on what to look for in a quality dance studio that can help my nephew learn how to dance.