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Revealing Royal Ballet School statistics

Every year the Royal Ballet School presents a series of performances at the Linbury Studio, Covent Garden. The season ends with a gala performance by the whole school on the opera house's main stage. I've been going for many years (a friend plays the tuba in the orchestra for the gala) and I recommend interested dancers try and get hold of tickets for this fine series of demonstrations.

There may be a chance for a full review at a later stage but I just wanted to highlight a couple of interesting facts shown by this year's programme:

- There are more boys than girls at the Royal Ballet Upper School.

- In this year's intake of youngest children (11-12 years old) the boys also outnumber the girls.

On a side note, every boy admitted this year was a former RBS Associate. We hope to do a feature on the Associate Programmes at a later date and are contacting the Royal Ballet School to try and make this possible.

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