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Profile: Rudolf Nureyev 1

This is an excerpt from a longer profile of Rudolf Nureyev which was filmed after he stopped dancing for the Royal Ballet in London. It is rather a wistful interview, but I have chosen to post it because this excerpt features a boys' class at the Royal Ballet School, London which may be of particular interest. This part starts at 1.40 in the clip below.

The ballet master is Richard Glasstone, a highly regarded teacher who was also behind the Ballet for Boys video released several years ago. He talks about Nureyev's stage presence and why there is more to dancing than simply doing the steps.

Here are some significant quotes from other parts of the documentary:
"I have an instrument which has been trained for the last 30 years. It's a very wise instrument - not always yielding - but it's there and it can play any tune a choreographer wants to play."
"[Nureyev] was just like the Great War; he wiped out a whole generation of English dancers."

If you wish to watch the profile from the beginning, follow this link.

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