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Essential clips: Nureyev in Swan Lake

Nureyev does the best double tour en l'air I've ever seen. It is a fine example of the extraordinary skill of the male dancer.

If you're not a dancer you may never have tried jumping up in the air, spinning completely round and landing without falling over. Have a go - most people struggle. In this clip Nureyev repeatedly jumps up in the air and spins twice before landing precisely. Not only that but he is doing it in a middle of a sequence of other steps. The tours en l'air start just after a minute in.

Be amazed!

Dancing like this makes it easy to forget ballet is primarily about artistic expression and not just a demonstration of extraordinary feats. Here is a link to another clip from the same performance showing a more lyrical solo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17Ak4MGYMvw

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  1. Nureyev was (is) a giant in the development of male ballet technique, and was the first to perform most of the virtuoso steps still performed by the stars of today. That said, the male stars of today would dance circles around him technically, but not many dancers, male or female, possess the ability to communicate such a complete character as the old guy.. Truly, a great inspiration for dancers and dance-interested people all over the world!
    Thanks for a great blog, we need more of this stuff! :)
    Thumbs up from Henrik @ Tightsandtiaras.com