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Essential clips: Nureyev in Le Corsaire

Rudolf Nureyev ought to need no introduction - he is widely regarded as the greatest male dancer who ever lived. We will no doubt be doing a feature on him in the future but for the moment you can read about him here. This is a fine example of his dancing, taken from Le Corsaire, filmed in 1963.


  1. this link doesn't work any more :(

  2. Thanks for the notification, Rita.

    I'll see if I can find another version of it as soon as possible.

  3. Right, post updated, I think this is the same excerpt. Quality slightly lower, I'm afraid...

  4. Well, I had no problems with the video, and the young man was a very good dancer. Ha! There are those with very wrong opinions regarding male dancer, especially ballet, but I let that not to bother me, as there is much grace in ballet. Shalom, and have a nice day.