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Adrian will tanzen

Here is a post for our German-speaking readers. This short TV documentary called Adrian will tanzen follows a boy called Adrian as he starts his first year at the Berlin State Ballet School, the German equivalent of the Royal Ballet School. You also meet Adrian's father, a digger driver, and see how his family supports him in following his dream.

We hope to arrange a subtitled version before too long but if you do not speak German there are still some bits worth watching:

- at 8.30 you see an audition for the State Ballet's production of the Nutcracker
- at 14.15 there is some pretty crazy improvisation
- at 18.15 you see Adrian's end-of-year review
- at 20.30 you see the opening night of the Nutcracker
- and there are various shots of class throughout

And here is a more recent article (in German) about the boys at the Berlin State Ballet School: http://www.berlinonline.de/berliner-zeitung/archiv/.bin/dump.fcgi/2010/0209/berlin/0004/index.html

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